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As a family business with a history of more than a century, we are used to looking ahead to the long term. Relationships with our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, local community, governments, etc.) have often existed for decades. It is part of our corporate culture to make and keep collaboration with these stakeholders attractive for all parties. We would like to show how we have embedded sustainability within our business operations.

Sustainability within Edel can be approached in three ways: from an Environmental point of view, from a good employer perspective: Social and from a Good Governance point of view

Alloa Collections


We are convinced that we can best contribute to limiting global warming by limiting our CO2 footprint. Therefor we have set ourselves the following objective:
We will reduce our carbon footprint by 50% every 10 years.

These are the actions, how we want to achieve this:

  • The development and production of products with recycled raw materials.
  • The production of recyclable products, suitable for circular systems (Alloa carpet).
  • Green our energy consumption.
  • The use of more efficient production methods and machines.

In addition to the CO2 footprint objectives, we also investigate the ways how to limit our water consumption, our pollution and our raw material consumption.

Good employer practices: Social

To attract and retain satisfied employees, Edel guarantees the following social principles:

  • Offering attractive primary and secondary employment conditions.
  • Providing a physically and mentally safe working environment.
  • The absence of discrimination.
  • The labour policy described in the personnel manual provided to each employee, including working hours, leave, collective labour agreement, trade union opportunities and the presence of confidential counsellors.

Good governance

Edel's Management Team has developed a written Code of Conduct, jointly signed it and making it visible on the various notice boards within the company. An emphatic appeal is made to all our employees not only to adhere to the letter of these rules, but also to behave in accordance with the spirit of these rules.

The Code of Conduct indicates which values Edel stands for, among others:

  • Ethical business, characterized by integrity, respect, honesty, transparency, absence of corruption and kickbacks (whistle-blower scheme) and trust.
  • Good employment practices by explicitly adhering to the ETI Base code (including by allowing free choice when working at Edel, not using child labour, not applying excessive working hours, not applying rough treatment) (see also above: Social)
  • Protecting the environment by, among other things, complying with all applicable environmental regulations.
  • We treat stakeholders as we would like to be treated and as an interested party would expect to be treated.


ALL Over Again

If you care about our world and the next generation, your choice for the best flooring solution is essential. By choosing ALLOA Carpets (ALL Over Again), you support the possibility of an infinite chain of material. Be an ambassador of the future and become part of the circular economy.

ALLOA carpet is unique because it is designed to recycle. After use, it can be recycled into new carpet or other high-quality products. A true circular product.

We combine sophisticated design with improved environmental performance.
ALLOA Carpets are designed to recycle, all over again.

Alloa collections

A true circular product

Designed to recycle

Every ALLOA floor we design is the start of an even better life:

  • ALLOA carpet is designed in such a way that it can be recycled.
  • Direct recycling is possible without separating the raw material
  • Closed material loop; all input resources can be reused at high quality
  • No need for landfill or incineration of old material
  • Future-proof
Alloa collections

Be an ambassador

for our future

ALLOA Carpets are also recognized for their contemporary designs and constructions to provide maximum wear & durability.

This unique carpet collection consists of high-quality products in which the yarn and backing are made from 1 material.

In addition to being a sustainable/ green choice, it also offers the perfect solution to create that luxurious, eye-catching look, whether you are furnishing an office, hotel or beautiful home.

We combine sophisticated design with improved environmental performance.

ALLOA Carpets are designed to recycle, all over again.

Alloa collections