Partnerschap Cisuflo

March 24, 2023
We are pleased to be part of Cisuflo (circular sustainable floor coverings).

CISUFLO’s overall goal is to minimize the environmental impact of the EU flooring sector, by setting up a systemic framework for circular and sustainable floor coverings taking into account both technical feasibility and social-economic factors.

The project will deliver improved sorting, separation & recycling technologies useful also for the current waste streams. It will generate policy briefs and recommendations supporting policy-making in the flooring sector.

ISO 9001 & 14001

October 6, 2022
Edel Carpets & Edel Yarns ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

We are proud to inform you that In addition to ISO 9001, Edel Carpets & Edel Yarns are now also officially ISO 14001 (environmental) certified.
Edel wants to comply with legislation and regulations and keep its environmental impact as small as possible.

With this management system, Edel can continuously monitor environmental performance and will improve it where possible.

Acquisition of edel carpets
condor group

September 19, 2018

Condor Group takes over 100% of the shares of Edel Carpets (Genemuiden) from the Edel Group. Part of the acquisition includes Telenzo Carpets, established in the United Kingdom, as well as the extrusion and carpet yarn processing activities of Edel Extrusie B.V. and Edel Yarns B.V., also located in Genemuiden.

Edel Carpets develops, produces and markets high-quality broadloom carpet and rugs, made predominantly of wool and polyamide. These are marketed worldwide under both of its own brand names, Edel Carpets and Telenzo Carpets, along with some own label products.

The acquisition of Edel Carpets and Telenzo Carpets will provide a valuable addition to the Condor Group and this collaboration will bring significant benefits to both companies and a greater competitive advantage.

Edel Carpets is renowned for the production of premium carpets and will continue to focus on strategic growth in the mid to high market sector worldwide being fully supported by Telenzo Carpets in the UK.

For general information about Condor Group or Edel Carpets, please refer to the websites of these companies: