Carpet that cares

If you care about our world and the next generation, your choice for the best flooring solution is essential. By choosing ALLOA Carpets (ALL Over Again), you support the possibility of an infinite chain of material. Be an ambassador of the future and become part of the circular economy.

ALLOA carpet is unique because it is designed to recycle. After use, it can be recycled into new carpet or other high-quality products. A true circular product.

We combine sophisticated design with improved environmental performance.

ALLOA Carpets are designed to recycle, all over again.

Bespoke rug

An Edel Carpets bespoke rug is a perfect mood maker

Our bespoke rugs are made of high quality soft carpet. With a bespoke rug you can give any living space in no time a new look in no time. On the one hand they make a statement, on the other hand they bring atmosphere, warmth and impressive accents to a room

More about rugs

Edel Carpets and rugs

Edel produces high quality carpets since 1918. Our collection consists of distinctive carpets - both wool and synthetic - for the mid/high end segment. Our carpets are available for wall-to-wall use as well as custom made rug.

Due to the high quality of our products, high level of service and distinctive designs, our carpets are sold throughout the world. Development and production are all done in Genemuiden, the Netherlands.

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