Which carpet fits
in my house?


Carpet is the most versatile floor: you can choose from different materials, constructions, designs, colours, etc. Choosing your perfect can therefore be a challenge.

Carpets from the Edel Carpets collection are also available as custom rug. 

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Are you into Scandinavian interior design?

Then perhaps you want to consider a wool carpet or rug. Wool matches the light colourscheme and natural materials that you find in Scandinavian interiors.

Edel Carpets has a large collection of wool carpets, produced from 100% wool.

Wool collection


Make your room or hallway look longer or wider by using a striped carpet or rug.

Round shapes

Soften the corners and angles of your home with a round rug.


Colours create atmosphere: warm, cool, bright or serene. Therefore, choose your colours wisely!

Bespoke rug or runner?

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