Carpet is the most versatile floor

You can choose from different materials, constructions, designs and colours.
Carpeted rooms give an interior atmosphere, a unique character and a luxurious appearance.
The soft structure feels pleasant, wonderful to walk around on barefoot.

Carpet is durable and a good solution for a dust-free space, provided you vacuum regularly to remove the dust from the carpet.
In addition, sounds are pleasantly dampened by carpet, ideal for good acoustics in a room. Carpet also retains heat and therefore has an insulating effect.

All products from the Edel Carpets collection are also available as custom-made rug.

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Design your personal style

There is a suitable carpet for every space: from practical carpet for the stairs or in the attic, to soft luxurious carpets for the bedroom and colourful carpets for the children's room.

On the one hand they make a statement, on the other hand they bring atmosphere, warmth and impressive accents to a room.



Make your room or hallway look longer or wider by using a striped carpet or rug.


Round shapes

Soften the corners and angles of your home with a round rug.



Colours create atmosphere: warm, cool, bright or serene. Therefore, choose your colours wisely!


Bespoke rug or runner?

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Choose colour

Creating a unique atmosphere

Choose colour to create a warm and luxurious atmosphere in a room. Choose a sparkling colour on the floor or wall for an inspiring office or cozy children's room.

Dark or light? Dark colours give a chic, warm and comfortable feeling. Light colours, on the other hand, make a room look more spacious.

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