About Edel Carpets

Edel Carpets is a modern Dutch carpet manufacturer. Development, production and sales are all done in-house.

Our carpet collection consists of distinguish synthetic and wool carpet for the mid/high segment.

Edel Carpets has the perfect solution to create that luxurious, sophisticated look, whether you are designing an office, hotel or beautiful home

Through partnerships & co-design we push the boundaries to fulfil customer wishes. Edel Carpets understands the need for consistency, reliability and service.

Innovation since 1918

Quality carpets

Edel Carpets has been producing quality carpets since 1918. Innovation is part of our culture - it is how we have grown from handmade coir mats to the production of wall-to-wall carpets.


Quality is very important. The high quality of our products and right price-qualityratio ensures is appreciated by customers from around the world. 


Next to a high quality product, we also deliver a high level of service. This is one of our core values. 


The Edel Carpets carpet collection is well-known for its innovative constructions and designs and balanced colour palettes which are always on trend.