bespoke rugs & runners

Create your bespoke rug or runner from any Edel carpet in three simple steps: 

  1. choose your favourite carpet > all carpets from our collection are available!
  2. select the perfect finish > 89 options available!
  3. decide upon the perfect dimensions > made to measure in any size!
Visit a retailer to order your bespoke rug. The production time is approximately 3 weeks.
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finish: volume

To create the finish "volume", the edges of the carpet are overturned. This results in beautifully rounded edges and a rug with more volume (height). 

finish: cotton

When choosing the "cotton" finish, a small cotton edge is used to finish the rug. Choose a contrasting colour for a subtle statement. Available in more than 40 colours!

finish: linen

The "linen" finish - just as the "felt" and "leather" finishes - is 5 cm wide. This gives the rug a wide, mature finish. Available in different colours. 

rugs bring colour

A rug is a good way to add colour to a room.

Choose a sparkling colour to make a clear statement, of choose a neutral colour with a contrasting finish for a more subtle statement.

choose round!

A round rug is a playful element in any interior: it softens the corners and angles of any home. 

pamina | cotton

Pamina 102 Vanilla with cotton finish colour b-131 (1 cm wide)

tamino | volume

Tamino 159 Silt with volume finish

vanity | leather

Vanity 189 Elephant with leather finish lp-0185 (5 cm wide)

burford bridge | cotton

Burford Bridge 112 Ecru with cotton finish b-14 (1 cm wide)

diversity | felt

Diversity 139 Iron Powder with felt finish 922061 (5 cm wide)

chelsea | linen

Chelsea 229 Cement with linen finish 7047 (5 cm wide)